21st century tennis racquets are constructed from a wide range of raw materials designed to maximize performance and durability. Racquet manufacturers are designing equipment for distinct types of players, rather than focusing their model design on the traditional ability level (beginning, intermediate, or advanced). No longer are manufacturers working under the concept of mass-production of “one size fits all” models in their racquet development. The concept of product customization based on the wants, needs, desires, wishes of the consumer is a 21st century phenomenon that is here to stay.

In addition to customization of one’s racquet, external technology is now also part of the game. In 2013, the Babolat Play Pure Drive racquet was introduced. This racquet has integrated sensors and is the first smart racquet that records data about every shot a player hits and sends it to the player’s smartphone. Adding these types of modern computerized technologies into the mix along with seemingly countless options of available racquet models (hundreds), not to mention the hundreds of different types of strings, suggests the future of tennis racquet design is anyone's game.

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Racquet: N Six-One Tour 90